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The Audit Recovery Group International (ARGI) specializes in procure-to-pay transaction assurance. Our skilled auditors identify overpayments, duplicate payments, statement errors, freight errors and many other sources of potentially recoverable money. ARGI then reclaims the monies owed you by your suppliers or vendors. The goal is to optimize the financial performance of your company or organization.

ARGI also provides Wireless & Telecom Auditing services. Our expert wireless team analyzes your company’s wireless phone bills and usage, then optimizes calling plans to save your enterprise hundreds, even thousands, on future bills with or without switching providers. In addition, we offer the option to directly interact with service providers on your behalf, as a “Virtual Telecom Manager” to optimize calling plans, negotiate equipment upgrades as well as service credits for past billing errors.

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Advanced technology and analytical software in the hands of experienced recovery audit professionals assures you of superior results in the shortest possible time. Visit Your Opportunity to see what a recovery audit might mean to you.

ARGI Business Solutions are tailored for clients in the Retail/Wholesale arena, Commercial enterprises of all types and Government entities at the federal, state and local levels.

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