Why You Should Select ARGI for Your Recovery Audit

As you search for a recovery audit firm you will define what you want, need and expect. Here are 13 questions you will want answered.

  1. What will an ARGI auditor look at?

    Limited only by the available data, ARGI auditors will examine each procure-to-pay transaction for the entire audit period. We do not rely on samples to conduct an audit. This assures you of a complete and thorough audit.

    ARGI auditors examine “claim types” in these categories:

    Calculation and Input Errors
    Duplicate Payments
    Pricing Errors
    P.O. Errors

    In addition, ARGI will ensure that all claims generated are documented to meet the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

  2. What files will ARGI need?

    ARGI auditors will ask for the paper and electronic files that document each step in the procure-to-pay process. If needed we will convert paper-based data to electronic files for efficient auditing. Ultimately, these converted files will be made available to you to enhance your access to key order and payment data that may now be difficult to access and manage.

    Typically, ARGI auditors will ask for these files:

    Contract Information
    Paid History Files
    PO Data
    Receiving Data
    Return Data
    Supplier Master Files

  3. What system access will ARGI need?

    Typically, we do not require access to live systems. We can, however, accommodate periodic data downloads to make the on-going data acquisition process more efficient for everyone.

  4. What type of data is required and in what format?

    ARGI technology integrates seamlessly with all major software systems. Our only requirement is a flat file that we will then convert for electronic auditing. This minimizes demands on your IT department and AP and procurement staff.

  5. How does ARGI staff an audit?

    Every audit has a Senior Auditor in Charge who has overall responsibility for the conduct of the audit. Staff auditors and support staff are then assigned commensurate with the size, complexity and time demands of the audit. In addition, a Client Service Representative is assigned to the audit to act as your “active voice” from the beginning to the end of the audit and the final Management Report.

  6. How long has the firm been in business?

    ARGI is a privately held company. It was formed in 2001 by former executives and auditors with Howard Schultz & Associates. Please see People for an overview of our personnel and their qualifications.

  7. What is ARGI’s business philosophy?

    ARGI is a client-centric recovery audit firm. ARGI, like many recovery audit firms today, has the advanced technology, the sophisticated auditing software and talented people. What sets us apart from the others is our priorities – clients first, second and always! We are delighted to provide client references to our past achievements.

  8. Does ARGI have a mission statement?

    Yes. “Our mission is to assist those responsible for the procure-to-pay process by reviewing and recovering monies lost in missed erroneous payments.” Please see Our Mission for more detail.

  9. How are the firm’s auditors paid – straight salary or a percentage of the amount recovered?

    Our pay-for-performance auditors are motivated to conduct thorough, precise audits rather than “cherry pick” the easy claims.

  10. What are the credentials of the ARGI staff?

    ARGI auditors have been in the trenches. We have among us former vice presidents, controllers, assistant controllers, accounts payable managers, purchasing managers and internal and external auditors who learned their trade at some of the world’s largest companies. They understand first hand the complexities of the procure-to-pay process and where missed errors can occur. Please see People for a profile of our auditors and their credentials.

  11. Will ARGI consider a 2nd or quality control audit?

    Yes. ARGI auditors are expert at conducting complex second pass audits. Second pass audits can be very productive because of ARGI’s penchant for thoroughness and precision in the audit process.

  12. Will ARGI preserve my supply-chain relationships?

    Yes. First, we know from experience the value of supply-chain relationships and what that means to both parties in a business-to-business transaction. Second, our internal quality controls assure both our clients and suppliers of the accuracy and completeness of any claim submitted to a vendor. Third, an audit’s Client Service officer is charged with ensuring timely responses to supplier inquiries and questions and the maintenance of comprehensive communication logs to track questions and concerns during and after an audit.

    These steps are accomplished by establishing clear pre-audit guidelines, determining acceptable claim limits for each supplier, submitting claims in a timely fashion, and working within supplier procedures for claim review and re-payment.

  13. Will ARGI maintain the confidentiality of my business data?

    Yes. ARGI takes pains to ensure that all client data are housed in secure facilities and that a disaster recovery process is in place. We recognize the value of the assets we hold on your behalf.

Questions? Contact us at tellmemore@arginc.net.